Meiji University Short-term Summer Programs 2017 (in Tokyo, JAPAN)

Dear Colleagues,

Greetings from Meiji University, Tokyo, Japan!

Meiji University will hold two unique short-term programs (in English) for international students in summer 2017.
We would deeply appreciate it if you could inform your students of the programs described below.
Please see our website for further details.
We look forward to welcoming your students at Meiji University next year!



We are delighted to inform you that the Meiji University Cool Japan Summer Program will be held from July 21 - Aug 2, 2017. This is a 13 day program, comprised of a series of lectures, workshops and field trips on a wide variety of subjects relating to Japan's contemporary images -- from manga, anime and music, to fashion, the latest technology and cuisine. We will investigate the diverse aspects of Japanese society and uncover their underlying traditional elements as well.
English will be used throughout the course, so Japanese Language ability is not required.
For 2017, we will be traveling to Nagano (Yamanashi) prefecture, to experience nature and traditional aspects of Japan outside the city! Participants will have a chance to see fireworks over the lake wearing a Yukata as well.

-Date: July 21 (Fri) - Aug 2 (Wed), 2017
-Place: Meiji University Surugadai Campus (Tokyo)
-Program Fee: 150,000 yen (JPY)
  *This includes tuition fee, transportation and field trip/workshop fee in the program, transportation and accommodation fee (one night) for the Nagano trip, and welcome/farewell parties.
  *Airfare and travel expenses to and from Japan, accommodation during the program, transportation fee outside the program, food, travel insurance, and other daily expenses are NOT included.
-Language: English
-Eligibility Requirements:
  1. Must be enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program as of July 21, 2017.
  2. Must be 18 years old or above as of July 21, 2017.
  3. Must be able to attend courses and give presentation in English, and submit an assignment paper after the program.
  4. Must attend all of the program activities from July 21 (Fri) to August 2 (Wed), 2017.
-Maximum Number of Participants: 20 participants
-Optional accommodation package is available upon request.
-Application: Please apply online from our program website. Application period: February 1 (Wed) - February 28 (Tue), 2017.

CONTACT for "Cool Japan Summer Program"
International Collaboration Office (c/o Ms. Asako Washizu)
Meiji University


This intensive two-week program is designed for foreign nationals who would like to study Japanese law in its social and cultural context. The program consists of lectures and field trips. Each lecture will present a number of important contemporary issues  for discussion. Participants will also learn how the law is actually practiced through the field trips. We welcome applications from both law and non-law backgrounds. No previous knowledge of Japanese Law / Language is required to participate in this program.

  Session 1 <Overseas Undergraduate and Graduate Students Only>
  July 3 - July 14, 2017 (Mon - Fri , 10 days)
  Session 2 <All Eligible Participants>
  July 28 - August 9, 2017 (Mon - Fri and July 29, 10 days)
  *Overseas Undergraduate and Graduate Students can apply for both sessions, but you can only study one session. If you apply for both sessions, please specify your first and second choice.
-Place: Meiji University Surugadai Campus (Tokyo)
-Program Fee: 
  <Students> 85,000 yen
  <Others> 100,000 yen
  *Tuition fee, travel expenses for field trips, educational materials, welcome & farewell parties, course completion certificates and the registration fee are included.
  *Travel expenses to Tokyo, accommodation in Tokyo and other expenses while in Tokyo are not included.
-Language: English
  Overseas university students or degree holders from an accredited overseas university
  *Must be 18 years old or over as of July 3/ July 28, 2017
  *No previous knowledge of Japanese Law / Language is required
  (We welcome participants from both law and non-law backgrounds.)

CONTACT for "Law in Japan Program"
School of Law Office (c/o Ms. Etsuko Kakuda)
Meiji University
TEL:+81-3-3296-4155    FAX:+81-3-3296-4346

Wishing you all the best for the Holiday Season and a prosperous New Year!

Best Wishes,
Cool Japan Summer Program Team and Law in Japan Program Team
Meiji University
1-1 Kanda-Surugadai, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-8301 JAPAN