Message from the President


It is a great pleasure for me to invite you to be part of the exciting future we are building and a world of opportunities we will be creating together. I understand that selecting a study program that can meet your goals is a very demanding but rewarding decision of your life. We can make it easier for you as we offer a broad range of courses. We want to be part of your life journey whether you are a high school student looking for undergraduate qualifications or a some one wanting a graduate degree to make the most of your god - given potential.
Throughout its 50 plus year history as a leading university and a founding member of Vietnam National University, ULIS has played a defining role in foreign language education, international studies, and related fields in Vietnam through its pursuit of academic excellence, and commitment to innovation and creativity.
ULIS leads the way in quality teacher education, language and international studies in Vietnam. It has hosted many international conferences and workshops. In the face of new challenges posed by globalization and the emergence of a knowledge based economy, ULIS is fostering an innovative and can-do spirit which is needed to transform itself into an acknowledged center of excellence able to cater for the needs of a diverse student population. Now, we are also pioneering innovations like the introduction of double degree and double major programs involving a foreign language and a major such as finance & banking, business administration, international business, law, and tourism – the first in Vietnam. We are also committed to international education.
ULIS has always understood that it is the people who matter. It is the capacity and capability of our faculty and students that will determine what we are able to achieve. Our aim is to provide a friendly but stimulating environment that supports both our faculty and the students to grow and to take leadership roles in their life and work so that they can make the most of their own lives, and in the process, enhance our reputation as a powerhouse in Vietnam’s higher education system.
On a personal note, I understand that one of the questions you often ask is what is in it for me at ULIS. The answer is together we will create opportunities enabling us both to acquire knowledge and to develop those qualities vital to living and working in a globalizing world such as critical thinking, teamwork, problem solving, communication, and people skills.
Come spend the most meaningful part of your time with us as a student and later as an alumnus. Our mission is to assist you to lead a successful life whoever and wherever you may be. Godspeed!
Professor. NGUYEN HOA (PhD)